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Aerosmith tabs

Deuces Are Wild guitar chords

From: (John L Beane)
Subject: Deuces are Wild  {Aerosmith}  CHORD

      Let me know if the chords are off.

   Deuces are Wild  {Aerosmith}

G                                 C
I love to look into your big brown eyes.
They talk to me and seem to hypnotize.
They say the things nobody dares to say, 
and I'm not about to let you fly away.
                                      C                  D        
My lover with no jet lag, were staying up all night in my sleeping bag.

You got a heart beat rythym from subterean,   
I   real-ly   Love   You     Little girl, I dont neeeed to explain.

G                               C                  F                               G   
I love you cause your deuces are wild, girl, like a double shot of loving so fi--ye-ine
G                                 C                F                                G // F // G
 I been loving you since you was a child, girl, cuz you and me are two of a ki-ye-iiiiiind.

G                                                 C
Ah----------  Like deja v#  I feel like I been heeeeeere,
Or somewhere else but you've been always neeeeear.
It's  you that's in my dreams, I'm begging for
but I woke up when someone slammed the door
                                    C                        D
so hard I fell out of bed, screaming mama's little baby loves shorten bread,
and the moral of the story I can testify; I get stoned on you girl.

That's the best reason whyyyyyyy.

{chorus} x 2
{chorus} x 3

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