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Aerosmith tabs

Fallen Angels guitar tab

Hello,Alan@Arcticı[] here.This is originally by Denis 
Jacob [].Ive only added in a few parts which
Denis didnt post when i downloaded this.Sorry no lead or bass.Im only good 
at rythm for now.
      C                          Am
Theres a candle burning,in this world tonight
   G                        F      G       Am  G
Another child who vanished out of sight
       C                        Am
And a heart is broken,another prayer in vain
            G                       F      G     Am  G
Theres a million tears that fill a sea of pain
 F           G            C
Sometimes i stare out my window
F                G          C
My thoughts all drift into space
 F                 C                   G
Sometimes i wonder if theres a bit of ???¨¨¨[i think he says 'place' here]

 C                        Am
Where do fallen Angels go,I just dont know
 G                                     F    G    Am          G
Where do fallen Angels go,If they keep falling [they keep falling]

[just repeat the same chords]

Now the times is frightening,cant ignore the facts
Theres so many people just slippin through the cracks
F        G           C
So many actions are stand ups
F        G         C
So many rivers run dry
F                         C                    G
Sometimes your Heaven is hell and you dont know why


BRIDGE[i dont know the chords yet,but ill post the as soon as i find out]

Can you hear me [x2]
Dont let a bit of your ???¨¨¨[i really have no idea]
I gotta be with you tonight!!

 And when all in a way we still pay the price
 Yeah the devil seems to get his way
 In downtown paradise!

 CHORUS[one more time!]

 Corrections and critcism are welcomed.Mail 2
 DATE:4th JULY 1997

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