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Aerosmith tabs

Something's Gotta Give guitar tab

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by Aerosmith 
from "Nine Lives"(1997)

These are really just the tone chords, the guitar don't really strum 
these chords.

Cyberotic head explode
Information overload
    F            D        A
And I just can't take anymore 
    F           D
And I'm gonna break

(Something's gotta give)
A       C       D                        F        E        A
Tell me when to turn the screw, does the noise in my head bother you

|Denis Jacob |
|KORN ON THE KOB's Official Homepage      |

Heres what i got for SGG so far:
	It starts with a slide from A(2F) to A(12F).
Then it kicks into riff>G-A-A-G-A-G-A-G-A-C + G-A-A-G-A-G-A-G-A-G
During the vocals it bounces back and forth between the G and A.
When steve> says i just can't take it anymore.
                (F)            (D)  	(goes back into opening riff)
Same goes for next line.
Chorus> A-C-D-DC-DC [F-E-A(does the noise in my...)]
Opening riff
Repeats similar to first section.
The solo is played over the main riff.
Coming out of the solo...i think its chromatic F, F#,G then to E and
then back into the chorus riff.
	I hope you can make some sense of all this.I've gotta come up with
abetter way of explaining format etc...i'm wondering if
there is some software available for doing this kinda stuff.
	Hope this helps   Barry

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