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Aerosmith tabs

The Reason A Dog guitar tab

The Reason a Dog

Tabbed by Lee!!

The intro and chorus are the same, they rely on like a double-stop G5 kinda
thing, like this:

E--3-------------------------3--------------        (It's pretty easy, just
figure the timing for yourself!)

this is followed by a D5 when the chord changes, but only in the chorus!!!

Here's the verse!

G5           A5               F5                   Em5
You keep a-knockin' but you can't come in

C5				      D5
But now I'm here baby, to even the score

The refrain thing after the second chorus is just as easy.

D5  	G5	A5

followed by...

Bb5			         C5
Your older sister she's alot like you
Bb5				C5	      D5
Coz there ain't too much she won't do_____ 

And that's all there is to it, this song is good enough to pull off just
playin' the rythym.

Hope you can use it!!

Lee  (Using his cousin's PC, email address etc)

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