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You and Me

Transcribed by (Sorry, I can't remember, B.G.)

Well, the sheet music seems right on the money, with maybe a very small
exception, and maybe not even that. Trick is, you capo first fret, and
then all the chords are more do-able:

Intro is same as chorus (chords, that is):

Dm7                          G(7)       F - G   C          C/B    Am7
(possibly Am7/G after that)
You and me ai'nt no movie stars,          what we are is what we are

Dm7                      G(7)               E7     A7
We share a bed, some lovin' and TV    ...yeah

Dm7                       G7               F  G   C        C/B     Am7
That's enough for a working man          What I am is what I am

Dm7              E7                           F
I tell ya babe, that's just enough for me.

And the VERSES:

E7                             A       Asus4   A           (x2)
When I get home from work       I wanna wrap myself around you
I wanna take you and squeeze you till the passion starts to rise

(notes on 5th & 6th string walking down:    A, G#)

F#m7                         Bm7                     F#m7             A7

If I could take you to heaven, that would make my day complete...

Sounds great, especially the last part here when you hit A7.

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