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Bad Religion tabs

Flat Earth Society guitar chords


Tabbed out by Par Svensson

E         D              E              B

lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

    E                   D

the full moon is rising over dark water

        C               B

and the fools below are picking up sticks

        E                  D

and the man in the gallows lies permanently

                C                        B

waiting for the doctors to come back and tend to him,

      G                     D

  the flat earth society is meeting here today,

G                      B            G

  singing happy little lies and the bright ship

            D        A

  humana is sent far away

F#                  G A    B

  with grave determination....

and no destination,

lie, lie, lie...

yeah, nothing feels better than a spray of

clean water and the whistling wind on a calm summer night,

but you'd better believe that down in their quarters

the men are holding in for their dear lives,

the flat earth society is somewhere far away,

with their candlesticks and compasses and

the bright ship humana is well on its way

with grave determination.....

and no destination,

lie, lie, lie, ad infinitum

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