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Bad Religion tabs

The Hopeless Housewife guitar chords


Tabbed out by Marcelo Rojas (

After Donīt sell me short, probably the best song on THE NEW AMERICA but
easier to play and sing. so enjoy it.

Em C  G  D        4x
Oh me Oh my .....
Em              C      G     D   G D
Get out of your 1950īs fantasy
Em                    C           G      D    G D
Your face shines with misery transparently
Em            C                   G           D
Spew out that sobering half-assed victim rethoric
Em          C      G                  D       
Makeīem all squirm while they chew on it
Em                            C                   G  D  G D
Itīs a secret Handshake and a passing wink of the eye
Em                               C                           G D  G D
As the witches bridgeclub weekly meets to pen the tail on the sly

                    Em F#G    D   D#
But they never ask  why?  oh why? 
         Em             F#G      D    D#
Donīt we raise our voices to the sky?
Em                    C         G          D
Instead your mute and fawn just waiting to die
Em                C        G    D
Like some kind of hopeless Housewife
              Em     F#    G      D     D#
But you canīt change while youīre alive
    Em       F#  G                 D     
and let them all know at least you tried 
to kill th demons insight
Em C  G  D 
Oh me Oh my.....

same with the second part of the song

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