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Bad Religion tabs

What Can You Do? guitar chords


Tabbed out by Anders Johansson (

D       A       E
so you waste another day getting older and gray in your head,
D       A       E
and you're hearing lots of stories 'bout the happy times you have ahead,
G       D       A
there are other folks in power so you kick back and get farther behind,
D       A       E E E E E
and although the world rotates itself ,the only thing you twist is your

G       D       A
you see, the worlds falling apart at the rifts,
D       A
and surprisingly,
D       A       E
the leaders can't make any sense of it,
E       D
you mean nothing to the world,
E         E     D         E
we're all someone else's fool,
F       G       A
but, oh, what can you do?

(same as Verse 1)
yeah, you waste your time with losers if you get stuck in a
rock-and-roll band, do you find it more rewarding to compete with morons
throughout this land?, they seem to be in power so I kick back and
getfarther behind, and I watch them as they fuck up every good thing on
this earth with their minds.

Verse 1
F       G       A
but, oh, what can you do?
F       G       A
I said oh, what can you do

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