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Bad Religion tabs

When? guitar chords


Tabbed out by Harry Erhardt (

Riff 1:   ddd ccdd   |   a#a#a# fc
Riff 2:   d   c   a#   a   g   f e

Intro: riff 1   (2x)

Verse 1: riff 1  (2x), riff 2
Iíve seen alot of things in five years
I struggle just to hold back the tears
But every fuckiní where I go I see the pathos that I know
Will spell the termination of us all
riff 1   (2x)

Verse 2: Someoneís gotta tell me do you see
That everything around you hides a hidden tragedy
Seeds of happiness have never found a place to grow
And our generation doesnít know
riff 1,   1st bar of riff 1   (4x)

Chorus:   f             g
When, When will you try
ccc ddcc
To change the logarythmic face
f              g                  a
of kissiní things good bye
When, When will you know
That human life is so short
And death is oh so slow
a        c  g    a        c  g
riff 1   (2x)

Verse 3: Iíve tried to make things make sense, but I canít
Iím happy just to watch them all and laugh
So if you think you got it made, Just revel in your selfish ways
Ďcuz when the world stops turniní so will you
riff  1  (2x)
riff  2
riff 1, bar 1

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