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Beatles tabs

Baby Its You guitar chords

From: victor perez 

Baby It's You
by The Beatles

 G                 Em
Sha la la la la la la   (3x's)
I's not the way you smile
that touched my heart.
It's not the way you kiss
that tears apart.
But how many many many nights go by
Am                                  G             Em
I sit alone at home and i cry over you.What can I do?
C             D                    G   Em         G
Can't help myself cause baby it's you. Baby it's you.

C                                    G
You should hear what they say about you    cheat  cheat
C                                            G
They say they say you never never ever been true
Wo ho it doesn't matter what they say
I know I'm gonna love you any old way
           G             Em
What can I do then it's true.
C                   D
Don't want nobody nobody
                 G    Em         G
Cause baby it's you.  Baby it's you.

Solo Chords: |:Em|C|D|G|G|D|G| :||

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