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Beatles tabs

Im Only Sleeping bass tab

The Beatles
I'm only sleeping i searched the web i could not find a single version of this tab, so like
a real musician, i did it myself. I'm pretty sure this song is played on an upright and there is alot
of scales and stuff going on, but hopefully this tab will give a general idea to
everyone like me who just wants to jam to Beatles songs. Also, sometimes on an Eb it sounds like its in
a lower octave, so you may have to tune your E string down a half step or something.

this is where those wacky scales go and I'm not good enough to figure them out


Riff 1

then repeat the verse, chorus, riff 1

Riff 2

Bridge: [keeping an eye] (add a bit of improv here)

then do half a verse then comes the backwards guitar solo which basically is this

then the chorus, then riff 1 then riff 2 then bridge then a verse then chorus then riff 1

I know its a little weak but its better than nothing.
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