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Dire Straits tabs

Ok here are the chords for Solid Rock. Any corrections or queries 
email me at Cheers.

Intro: A

Verse 1

         D                            G         C               D
Well now take a look at that I made a castle in the sand saying this

                      G          C             D     
is where it's at, you couldn't understand now, if I realised that the 

G            C         D                             G           C  G
chances were slim, how come I'm so suprised when the tide rolled in


A    Bm        G          A   Bm          G
Gonna live, on solid rock, gonna live, on solid rock

A    Bm                 G
I wanna give I don't wanna be blocked

I'm gonna live on solid rock

Verse 2

Same as verse 1


           A            Em  A               Em              A   
You know a house of cards, never built for shock, you could blow it

        Em          A
down in any kind of weather

           A        Em         A      Em      D  G
And you take two solid blocks, two solid rocks, you know they're

gonna stick, yeh they're gonna stick together


Same as verse

Verse 3

Same as verse 1 and 2


End Solo

Same as chorus and finish on A

Hopefully that helps anybody who wants to learn the song.
       Matthew Pattison
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