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Dire Straits tabs


Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 23:53:41 -0500
Subject: CRD: Wild West End by Dire Straits

Wild West End				
Mark Knopfler from “Dire Straits” (1978) 

D                D            Em               G
 Steppin' out to Angellucci's, for my coffee beans
D                 D      Em           G
 checking out the movies, and the magazines
D             D          Em                         G
 waitress she watches me, crossing from the Barocco bar
D              D     Em       G
 I'm getting a pickup, for my steel guitar
           D           D   Em           G
 I saw you walking out,      Shaftsbury Avenue
D          D                Em      G
 excuse me talking, I wanna   marry you
D        D                        Em                  G
 this is seventh heaven street to me, don't you be so proud
D                    D      Em       G
 You're just another angel,   in the crowd. 

             D              D         Em        G
	And I'm walking in the wild west end
     D              D         Em        G
	Walking in the wild west end
     D                 D         Em        G     D/A G/C /C D/
	Walking with your wild best friend

And my conductress on the number nineteen, she was a honey
pink toenails and hands all dirty with the money
greasy greasy greasy hair, easy smile
made me feel nineteen, for awhile
and I went down to Chinatown
in the backroom it's a man's world, all the money go down
Duck inside the doorway, gotta duck to eat
right now feels all right now, you and me we can't beat walking -


And a gogo, dancing girl, yes I saw her
the deejay, he say, here's Mandy for ya
I fell all right to see her, but she's paid to do that stuff
She's dancing high, I move on by, the close ups can get rough
when you're walking in the wild west end . . .

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