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Doolin Dalton guitar chords

Date:    Mon, 29 Aug 1994 15:41:30 +0300 (CET-DST)
Subject: Doolin-Dalton by Eagles
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This song is one of my favourite among the Eagles' songs and I decided to 
transcribe it even if the lyrics are largely incomplete. I'm sorry but it's 
too hard for me to understand each word so I invite you (please!) to help me in
completing this transcription, if you can. Anyway, the chords sound pretty
good but feel free to send me your eventual corrections. Hope you like it!

                                        - Angelo Taibi -


                        by Eagles (from the LP "Desperado")

Intro: G Em G Em G G7 C Em A C G D/F#

(1st verse)
          Em            G               Em              G       G7
They were Doolin Doolin-Dalton, high or low it was the same
     C          Em                A      C           G
easy money .....        there are whiskey for the pain

(2nd verse)
Go down Bill Dalton ......

(3rd verse)
Better keep on movin' Doolin-Dalton 'til your shadow set you free
and if you're fast and if you're lucky you will never see the hanging tree

Bridge: Bm G C Am Em G G7 C Am D B7

(4th verse)

Outro: G D/F# Em C C/B Am7 D9 E

Chord formation:

G7    3230xx
D/F#  20023x
B7    x2120x
C/B   x20010
Am7   x02010
D9    x00210
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