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The Last Worthless Evening guitar chords

The Last Worthless Evening
By  Don Henley

I know you broke up with him & your hearts still on the shelf
                                      C                       Dm 
It's been over two years for me & I'm still not quite myself
                                    Bb                        Dm  
You can't be with someone new & you can't go back to him
                                      Eb             C
You're beginning to realize that it's sink or swim

I see you around sometime & my heart just melts
                                           C                  Dm 
You're like if you had your wish you'd be somewhere else
                               Bb                             Dm  
And it just breaks my heart to see you here this way
                                        Eb        C
Someday I'll get the nerve to walk up to you & say

                    F                                  Bb    
Cho.... This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
              C                                  F
        Just give me a chance to show you how to love again
        This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
               C                                       F 
        'Cause I'll be there when your broken heart is on the mend

Everynight it's the same old crowd in smokey rooms
You catch a faint glimpse of love sometimes but it never blooms
I've been around this block a time or two
And I've made some big mistakes but girl I promise you, I promise you

Cho.... This is.....
        Just give me...
        This is ......
        'Cause it won't be long 'til your little heart is on the mend

People inside their houses with the shades pulled down
God knows we could use some romance in this sleepy bedroom town
I know you're still afraid to rush into anything
But there's just so many summers & just so many springs

Repeat 2nd Cho twice

Dan Nicholas
Arnprior, On. Canada
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