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Jack Johnson tabs

Artist: Jack Johnson
Song: Bubble Toes
Alubum: brushfirefairytales (2001)

I've looked every where for the tabs to Jack Johnson...but couldnt find any
i sat down and started listing and figured out most of the song...sorry if it is not
all the way correct...just e-mail me and i will fix it (
i hope by me starting this...that it will get more people to do songs like flake
and a few others...if you know of any other tabs to this singer just fell free to
e-mail me


	song starts out its as simple....blah blah blah...and nothing really matters
for bass until the acutal real part of the the song...and it goes like so-


its pretty much as simple as that...a few pauses here and there...if you listen to the song you should figure it
out in no time(theres a little bit of work that i have to do for the beginning during the boreing part...but no
worries...i will post that)
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dmitry ivanov