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Jack Johnson tabs

This is propably the most emotional song on the whole Album "In between Dreams"
(and the shortest) Here are the right Chords. Enjoy it!


Intro: Fade in with: B - abm - E - Fis - E

this is palm muted with the right side of the pick hand just above the bridge of the guitar


e :---------------------------------------------------------------
B :---------------------------------------------------------------
G :--x----------1----------1----------3-----1---------------------
D :--1----------x----------2----------4-----2----1h2p1------------
A :--2----------2----------2----------4-----2----------2----------
E :---------------------------------------------------------------


e :----------------------------------------------------------------
B :----------------------------------------------------------------
G :--x-------------------------------------------------------------
D :--1----------6-4-----------2----------------1--2----------------
A :--2----------7-6-----------4-4------------4-x--x----------------
E :-----------------------------5--------------2--2----------------

Situation number one
It's the one that's just begun
E                      Fis       E
But evidently it's too late

Situation number two
It's the only chance for you
E                             Fis     E
It's controlled by denizens of hate

Situation number three
It's the one that no one sees
E                              Fis     E
It's all too often dismissed as fate

Situation number four
It's the one that left you wanting more
E                          Fis     E
It tantalized you with it's bait

Outro: B - B - A - Fis - B - B - A - Fis

You'll get it pretty soon and it sounds really nice. Listen to the song more often to
learn the Strumming Pattern. Greetings from Germany, Berlin. Jack Johnson is not that
famous over here. On the one hand side he earns to be one of the famoust artists but on
the other hand I would suffer from hearing him between Britney and any other "artists"
who have no clue from music. So Jack Johnson would be part of the "Mainstream Music".
OH MY, this would be hell, as long as mainstream is that sad. JACK JOHNSON IS THE
GREATEST :)!His lyrics are not meaningless, I mean he uses Music the right
way (the way it was meant to be), as he writes telling lyrics. I can't wait to see his
concert over here in Berlin.

Greetings David G.

P.S.: Don't be ashamed while noticing some tear drops from your eyes when you're
listening to the song. In Germany we call these songs "SEHR ERGREIFEND" what means

TO ALL: Let's bring the world to peace and let's hold together, like god wanted us to
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