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Jethro Tull tabs

A Passion Play -last part guitar chords

A passion Play 

Hail! Son of kings / 
make the ever-dying sign / 
C              D           Em      G              Bm F#m Bm 
cross your fingers in the sky for those about to BE. 
F          Bb        C         D 
There am I waiting along the sand. 
C           F       G           D    G   D   Em 
Cast your sweet spell upon the land and sea. 

Magus Perde, take your hand from off the chain. 
Loose a wish to still / the rain / the storm about to BE. 
Here am I (voyager into life). 
Tough are the soles that tread the knife's edge. 

Em                  D       G   D      Em            C F B 
Break the circle / stretch the line / call upon the devil. 
Em                  D       G   D             A     G   D 
Bring the gods / the gods' own fire.In the conflict revel. 

B                      D   B     A          B      D  B   A 
The passengers / upon the ferry crossing / waiting to be born / 
  B               D   B     A                 B        D  B   A 
renew the pledge of life's long song / rise to the reveille horn. 

E               G  E        D        E       G  E        D 
Animals / queueing at the gate that stands upon the shore / 
E              G  E     D             E       G  E  A   G 
breathe the ever-burning fire that guards the ever-door. 

Man / son of man / buy the flame of ever-life (yours to breathe and 
breath the pain of living): living BE! 
Here am I! 
Roll the stone away from the dark into ever-day. 

Words and music by  IAN ANDERSON 

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