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Jethro Tull tabs

Back-Door Angels guitar chords

Jethro Tull: Back-Door Angels 
Album: Warchild 
Chords: Håkan Mattsson 

Em                           Cmaj7    Am       C       (Em D Em) see below 
In and out of the front door, ran twelve back-door angels.        in tab 
  C    D          G       C     Am 
Their hair was a golden-brown --- 
  Am                D           D B Em 
they didn't see me wink my eye. 
Em                                  D            C    (Em D Em) 
`Tis said they put we men to sleep with just a whisper, 
C    D                  G     C    Am                D      D B Em 
And touch the heads of dying dogs --- and make them linger. 
  Em                           D                      C        (Em D Em) 
They carry their candles high --- and they light the dark hours. 
C     D            G        C  Am                          D 
And sweep all the country clean  with pressed and scented wild-flowers. 

Solo (I haven't tried too hard here): 
|: Em D :|: Am D :| 

Em                           Cmaj7     Am         C           (Em D Em) 
They grow all their roses red,    and paint our skies blue --- 
  C       D       G      C      Am 
drop one penny in every second bowl --- 
 Am            D           D B Em 
make half the beggars lose, 
  Em                                D               C       (Em D Em) 
why do the faithful have such a will to believe in something? 
C    D           G           C    Am 
And call it the name they choose, 
Am             D        D B Em 
having chosen nothing. 

Solo (I haven't tried so hard here either): 
|: Em D :|: Am D :|: D :|: E :| 

       (Something like this for "Think I'll sit down...") 
  -0-------0----------------0--------0-2          0    -1--2-0- 
  -0-------0----------------0--------0-3          1    -0--3-0- 
  -0-------0----------------0--------0-2          0    -0--2-0- 
  -X-------X----------------X--------X-0          2    -2--0-2- 
  -2-slide-7----------------9--------7-           3    -2----2- 
  -0-------0----------------0--------0--          -    -0----0- 

  Em                                              D          C     Em D Em 
Think I'll sit down and invent some fool --- some Grand Court Jester. 

     C    D        G      C  Am               D         D B Em 
And next time the die is cast, he'll throw a six or two. 

In and out of the back-door, ran one front-door angel, 
Her hair was a golden-brown --- she smiled and I think she winked her eye.
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