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Black Satin Dancer guitar chords

Black Satin Dancer 

Bb           F              C            G  F G 
Come, let me play with you, black satin dancer. 

Bb           F      C            G   F G 
In all your giving, given is the answer. 

Bb      F              C              G  F G 
Tearing life from limb and looking sweeter 
Bb       F           C           G  F  G 
than the brightest flower in my garden. 
Bb             F              C           G    F G 
Begging your pardon --- shedding right unreason. 
Bb       F           C                G  F  G 
Over sensation fly the fleeting seasons. 
Am          G            Am      Bb Eb 
Thin wind whispering on broken mandolin. 
Bb          F                 C             G F 
Bending the minutes --- the hours ever turning 
        Dm   C               F 
on that old gold story of mercy. 
C          F          Bb     Eb      C 
Desperate breathing. Tongue nipple-teasing. 
      Gm           Dm               Bb    F     C 
Your fast river flowing --- your northern fire fed. 
       Dm          Gm           C          Am Am/G Am/F# F 
Come, black satin dancer, come softly to bed. 

Words and music by  IAN ANDERSON 

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