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Jethro Tull tabs

Fire At Midnight guitar chords

Subject: Tull tab submission 
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 10:17:38 +0100 
From: Håkan Mattsson <> 

Jethro Tull: "Fire at Midnight" from  "Songs from the wood" 
Chords from: Håkan Mattsson 
Capo on 3rd fret 

G    C        Am       Em      Em 
I believe in fires at midnight 

          G        G         Am 
when the dogs have all been fed. 

   G      C    Am      Em 
A golden toddy on the mantle 

  C        G     G         Am 
a broken gun beneath the bed. 

 F      F       C        Am 
Silken mist outside the window. 

  G        G         G       Am 
Frogs and newts slip in the dark 

 F        F     C         Am 
too much hurry ruins the body. 

G        G         G        D 
I'll sit easy ... fan the spark 

 G       C      Am   Em      Em 
kindled by the dying embers 

     G      G       Am 
of another working day. 

 G     C             Am        Em      Em 
Go upstairs ... take off your makeup 

 G          G      Am 
fold your clothes neatly away. 

 F        F        C         Am 
Me, I'll sit and write this love song 

G    G        G      Am 
as I all too seldom do 

 F       F      C         Am 
build a little fire this midnight. 

      G       G      D      A(sus2) 
It's good to be back home with you. 

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