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Jethro Tull tabs

Jeffrey Goes guitar chords

Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square - Jethro Tull 

Intro   A       A 

Verse 1 

Am          Em    Am                E7             A          E   A     E 
Bright city woman walking down Leicester Square every day 
A             D      E   E    A D    E   E 
Gonna get a piece of my mind 
       A                         D      D   E    A      D   E  E 
You think your not a piece of my kind 
E                         E    A   E  E E 
Everywhere the people looking 
E                     A      E 
Why don't you get up and sing 

E       E       A       A 

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1) 

Bright city woman where did you learn all the things you say 
You listen to the news man on T.V. 
You may fool yourself but you don't fool me 
I'll see you in another place, another time 
You may be someone's but you won't be mine 

(no solo chords at the moment, so if anyone can help here please do.) 

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