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Jethro Tull tabs

Nothing To Say guitar tab

Nothing To Say - Jethro Tull 




Em         Bm   C               Am9               D  Dsus2  D  Dsus4  D 
Everyday there's someone asking, what is there to do? 

Em         Bm   C               Am9               D  Dsus2  D  Dsus4  D 
Should I love or should I fight, is it all the same to you? 

Em         Bm   C               Am9               D  Dsus2  D  Dsus4  D 
No I say I have an answer, proven to be true 

G               A9              Am              Bm              Em 
But if I were to share it with you, you would stand to gain and I to lose 

Em      B       Em      Em      B 

G               A9                Am            B 
Oh I couldn't bear it, so I've got nothing to say 

BBA     AAB     BBC     CCB     B       Amaj7   (I'm not sure this is right) 

BCDAA  (single notes) 
Nothing to say 

EED     DDE     EEF     FFE     E       Dmaj7   (I'm not sure this is right either) 

Nothing to say 

Em      B       Em      Em      B 

Rest same as verse 1 

Every morning pressure forming all around my eyes 
Ceilings crash the walls collapse, broken by lies 
That your misfortune brought upon us and I won't disguise them 
So don't ask will I explain, I won't even begin to tell you why 

No just because I have a name, well I've got nothing to say 
Nothing to say 
Nothing to say 

Climb a tower of freedom, paint your own deceiving sign 
It's not my power to criticize or ask you to be blind 
To your own pressing problem and the hate you must unwind 
So ask of me no answer, there is none that I could give you couldn't find 

I went your way ten years ago and I've got nothing to say 
Nothing to say 
Nothing to say 

Little acoustic end riff to fade  (electric solos over top of this) 


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dmitry ivanov