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Jethro Tull tabs

Steel Monkey guitar chords

Steel Monkey 

C#5  E B 

C#5 F# B 
     F#5                                 Aadd9 
As the moon slips up, and the sun sets down, 
        F#5                      D       B 
I'm a highrise jockey, and I'm heaven-bound. 
         F#5                                 Aadd9 
Do the workboot shuffle, loose brains from brawn. 
      F#5                      D     B 
I'm a monkey puzzle and the lid is on. 
 D#5                         F7sus4 
     Can you guess my name? Can you guess my trade? 
F#                            G#sus2 
I'm going to catch you anyway. 
 D#5            F7sus4 
You might be right. I'll give you guesses three. 
F#              G#sus2 
Feel me climbing up your knee. 
C#5                         E         C#5 
    Guess what I am. I'm a steel monkey. 
(rest the same) 

Now some men hustle and some just think. 
And some go running before you blink. 
Some look up and some look down 
from three hundred feet above the ground. 

Can you guess my name? And can you guess my trade? 
Well, I won't rest before the world is made. 
Arm in arm the angels fly. 
Keep me from falling out the sky. 

Words and music by  IAN ANDERSON 

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