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Jethro Tull tabs

Strange Avenues guitar chords


 Gm              Eb 
Strange avenues / Where you lose 
F                Gm 
 All sense of direction 
F                         Bb 
 And everywhere / is main street 
Eb                 F 
 In the winter sun 
           Gm   Eb 
The wino sleeps / Cold coat 
F                     Gm 
 With the money section 
F                         Bb 
Looking like a record cover 
     Eb  F Gm 
from 19  7 1 

same scale. 
           Cm Ab 
But here am I / Warm feet 
Bb               Cm 
 And a limo waiting 
Bb                Eb 
 Shall I make us both feel good? 
Ab                 Bb 
 Will a dollar do? 
               Fm   Db 
But in your streets 
Bb                   Cm 
 I have no credit rating 
Fm                Eb 
 And it might not take a lot 
         Ab      Bb       C       G 
 To be lonesome just like you 
F                G                 D 
 Heading up and out now from your rock island 
F5               Bb5                   C5 
 Really good to have had you here with me 
     Eb                                                 G 
And somewhere in the crowd I think I hear a young girl whisper 
Are you ever lonely, just like me? 

transcription by 
 Asaf Abir
  development and support by
dmitry ivanov