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Jimi Hendrix tabs

Astro Man guitar chords

    Astro Man By Jimi Hendrix 
Album: First Rays of the New Rising Sun
This is the first time I've tabbed something out, and there are plenty of 
corrections to be made. I only know the intro riff and verse parts, so if 
somebody would submit the solo and outro, that would be great. Anyway, here goes.
Probably tune down 1/2 step, not that it really matters that much
It starts out with this riff, actually played on a bass, but I play it on guitar anyway
The riff is played under these lyrics
Here I come to save the day
There was a little boy in a dream just the other day
His mind fell out of his face and the wind blew it away
Then a hand came down from heaven and slapped a badge on his chest
It said "Get out there, man, and do your best!"
Then it's a couple of verses, shown here with the chords
And they called him Astro Man
E                              A   
And he's flying higher than
A               E        B
That old faggot Superman
B       E
Forever cool
They called him Cosmic Nut 
And he's twice as famous as Donald Duck
And he's out to screw you up
The rest of your life
That's all I know. After that there's a solo and outro, which I 
have no clue how to do. If someone could tab that out, that would be great. 
My  address is Also, does anybody know Stepping Stone, from 
the same album as this one? 
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