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Jimi Hendrix tabs

Who Knows guitar tab

     Who Knows --- By Jimi Hendrix --- From the album BAND OF GYPSYS
(Captitol Records) <- Incase you care about the record company :)

     This is a cool tune from Jimi Hendrix - When they played
New Year's Eve (69-70) at Fillmore East in New York. This album
had been out of print for ages, but all of a sudden, BOOM! It was
remastered. So you can probably find it now. This is the opening tune,

Tabbed by

     Tune Down 1/2 Step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

     These are just bits, from memory, so don't pillage and burn
me if this is wrong:

Main/Opening Riff

                          ~~     ~~~

     Eventually, after the band kicks in, the whole riff is played
down an octave lower, like this:

               ~~~~~  ~

This is a really cool lick, becuase there are MANY variations you can
make on it!     Listen to all the variations hendrix made.

The solo is in Db (10th fret) on the minor petonic scale. Tabbing it out would

be rather pointless, its a great solo, but its just not a good solo to copy.
Listen and make an improv on it. This can be a great excercise for your
lead skills. Listen to the story jimi tells with the solo, and then try
to tell your own story with it.     At first, its just plain guitar, then
guitar with WAh, and after the vocal cameo, is that guitar wah and octavia?
I think it's guitar wah     and octavia. Then there is also some cool harmonic

stuff. I'm not sure how hendrix did it, but you can do it with tapped picked
harmonics.(Hold your finger one octave above note, and pick with free

     Here's a few lyrics:
1= vocal one (Jimi)
2= vocal two (Buddy Miles?)

1: They Don't know
2: They Don't know
1: Like I know
2: Like I know
1: Do you Know?
2: They Don't know
1: I don't know
2: I don't know
1: Well my baby's
2: Well my baby's
1: Puttin Down(?) <------  I don't know if this is right
2: Puttin Down(?) <------  Puttin out??
1: Well my baby
2: Well my baby
1: Puttin Down things
2: Puttin down now
1: Just came back from
2: I don't know

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