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Mxpx tabs

Another Song About TV guitar chords

Song:  Another song about T.V.
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha

E,  D, C, E,  D, F, E  D, C, E,  D, F, E, D, B

G#      A                   E
another song about how much tv sucks
G#          A          B
washes your brain of intelligence 
G#       A         E
you sit around all night and day
G#       A               B         
was life really meant to be this way? 

D/E, D/E, G, E, A, E
tv sucks!                (repeat)

watching your life go down the tube 
and you wonder why every day\'s a re-run 
nothing different happens, nothing new 
your life\'s a show and the show is over 

a waste of time of a created mind
star trek\'s been airing far too long 
can you sleep at night without sight and sound 
what ever happened to reality? 

E,  B, D, G, D,    (repeat)

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