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Mxpx tabs

Cristalena guitar chords

Artist: MxPx
Song: Cristalena
Album: Life in General
Tabbed by: John Stanford and Mark McGhee

G                  C
Cristalena ya she's so cool
G                      D      C
Cristalena she's out of control
Em                                                      C
Half the time she don't know where she's at
Em?                                       D
Cristalena don't know much about that

G                                   C
But you know, and I know Cristalena
G                                                  D      C
But you know, and I know where I've seen her

G                               C
Cristalena, she's in her own world
G                           D            C
She's always happy as a little girl
Em                                      C
Cristalena's nice unless she's annoyed
Em?                          D
Cristalena happens to like boys - but not me

G                               C
Cristalena, where'd you go?
G                                         D
Don't even know where you've been
Em                         C
Cristalena, won't you stay?
Em?                                        D
Please don't go away, won't you be my friend?

end on a G chord with the bass doing whatever
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