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Mxpx tabs

Drum Machine Joy guitar tab

Here it is!
Song:  Drum Machine Joy
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  On The Cover
Original Artist:  Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric

Intro:  F (let ring) F (again)
then break out into: F, C, Bb, C

*this is the part that took me so long.  
All I had to remember was how to play 
hotel california.  It is actually pretty

Play that little interlude thingy and sing this

Drum machine joy - Drum machine joy

F                                           G
Soon the Goodness King will hear your heart 
F                                         G  A
>From within the castle to his warm hearth
F                                     G
Granting Hope and Wisdom to your soul 
F                                     G    E
The evil spell of sadness has been broken 

play this: F, C, Bb, C
sing this:

In your heart, there's a world of sadness 
I love you with all heart 
In your heart with my words I promise 
to love you with all heart, 
and Drum Machine Joy 

Soon the Goodness King will hear your heart 
>From the Northern Kingdom comes a faint sound 
Growing stronger here before the heart 
The chorus of the King has come to heal your heart 

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