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Mxpx tabs

Falling Down guitar chords

Here it is!
song:  Falling Down
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Teenage Politics

C     		       F                 G
You're only interested when your power's threatened
C                    F                         G
You're only paranoid when you know what you're doing

F            G                          C
you'll do anything to keep from falling down

It's a conspiracy to your inconsistency
         G               C
could it be your spirits dead?

C, F, C, F

C                   F                     G 
Why do you run away when faced with these questions
I know you know it but you just won't say
    F                     G
you built this conformist system

F              G                            C 
you built this state and now you're falling down

C                      F           G
Your education teaches us not to resist
C                                 F
subjects don't question kings its disrespect
     G                               C
they slam you in the face with their fist

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