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Mxpx tabs

Fist Vs. Tact guitar chords

Fist vs. Tact guitar tab, by MxPx
transcribed by: Travis Gower

C (hold it out and slide pick down string)

C               Eb       D
I've dwelt long on the past
   F         C             Eb       D     F
I just can't take it anymore
C                 Eb       D          F
I've struggled in vain at last I've managed to
C               Eb        D        F    
board up the windows and lock the doors

F Ab G Bb B C

C            Eb            Gb
Persist to resist, fight back!
C            Eb        Gb
Not with a fist, with tact!
C            Eb        Gb       
Ideas in action with passion
C            Eb        Gb 
passion, commitment, and dedication

F E Eb D Db C     Bb C

Second verse, same as the first

tab for:
When all is said and done
Our time is spent
We've had our fun

is the same as verse, but play the chords only once

C               Eb           D
Have you taken time to think about your life
    F                C           Eb   D    F
and what it means to know eternity?

Sorry it's not very thorough, but this is about tenth time I've tabbed it 
out and I've never been able to email it... if you have any questions, 
don't hesitate to email me at:
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