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Mxpx tabs

Hot and Cold guitar chords

Song:	Hot and Cold 
Group:	MxPx
Album:	Punk Rawk Show single
Tab By:	Jamie Hayes


bass plays a G for a sec then guitar comes in:

Bb, G, Bb, C, C, D, C, G <-------repeat a bunch

G                   C
What day is this so I can sing
G                              C
The kind of day you start recycling
G                            C
You feel so good you could explode
G                          C
Or stand around out by the road

D   C                 G
Sometimes it makes me sick - Yah I'd rather puke
D      C            G
Or get poked with a stick - Than see your face

G                       C
Then I think of the decision I made
G                           C
That makes me happy all over again
G                              C
Just like birds to the sky and fish to the sea
G                   C
I'm as happy as can be

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