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Mxpx tabs

Jars of Clay guitar chords

Here it is!
Song:  Jars of Clay
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha

(/ = slide up)

A, Bb, D/E, C/E, D/E, A/Bb, D/E, C/E, A, Bb
(HINT: Listen to the song! it is a tuff riff)
E, A, Bb  (repeat)

  E       D      Bb  A     D
a promise from a cardboard box 
E        D         Bb A   D
so commonly thrown on the street 
    E   D     Bb   A D
how easily we break apart 
       E     D       Bb   A    D
but we never seem to stay that way 

        Bb        A
there's something inside,
 Bb          A

Bb          A          C       Bb
something inside those jars of clay!      (repeat)

E, A, Bb     (repeat)

outwardly we're wasting away 
inside we're renewed day by day 
it's always him it's never me
he is truth why can't you see?

E, Bb, A, D     (repeat)

(play intro)  

end on E
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