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Jay Jay's Song guitar chords

Here it is!
Song: Jay Jay's Song
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha

Intro:  G, A, B, D, C#

B      D    C#  A
I am myself
B          D     C#  A    
and no one else
B           D   C# A
I'll always be
B             D   C# A
cause my eyes see

B, D, C#, B, 
G, A, B, D, C#, B

    G                   A                   B   D  C# B
See so much negativity, pressuring me every day
G                                   A   
They judge me as something I'm not, there's so many lies 
                B   D  C# B
in this world today.
G                                       A                        B     D  C# B
fears and doubts run thru my mind, I've gone thru this a million times
G                                     A                      B     D  C# B
I read his work look to his face, but I could never earn his grace

B        D     C#  A
It's not right
B         D     C#  A
to sit at home
B                     D  C# A
we're the church of today,  not the
B         D C# A
church of tomorrow

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