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Mxpx tabs

My Mom Still Cleans My Room guitar chords

Here it is!
Song:  My Mother Still Cleans My Room
Artist:  MxPx (Magnified Plaid)
Album:  Life in General

I don't think that this is right.  But I'm sure that you'll get a vauge idea.
Intro:  E, B, A, B

I'm not always nice, not always mean
My room has never been seen clean
    A                                    A
The way I feel is not always, not always how I seem.

The thoughts that form inside my brain
don't always seem to entertain
'cause when I tell my company
they think there's something wrong with me

thing to fill space:  Same as intro

E                 B                  A      B
You don't know me like you think you do
E              B                 A         B
You don't understand me and it's true

I'm getting older day by day
B                             A       Bb    B    A  
ain't got time to get to everything
Hold on tight, enjoy the ride
B                              A      Bb    B     A 
life is short, so live it wisely

I'm not always sick, but often tired
sometimes having fun or wired
  A                                      A
I don't have someone, someone to call my own

I'm not full of all the answers
I guess that I'm an o.k. dancer
A                       A
I just want to be left alone

The Outro thingie, i think, goes like this:

E Eb C# B A B C# Eb E

(palm mute the low e)

B A B C# Eb 

E Eb C# B A B C# Eb 

E Eb C# B A B C# Eb

(end on high E)
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