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Mxpx tabs

No Room guitar chords

Here it is!
Song:  No Room
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha

Who could it be it's probably me 
                         D     G
I know there's something wrong
it should be a big mistake 
                   D    G
to let this go too long 
maybe it's all inside my mind
                     D     G
with no room left to grow 
and now it's coming outside and it
G          D      A
just won't let me go
G          D      A 
just won't let me go

A           G                   A, D, G, C, C/D
why does it matter where you've been 
A         G               A, D, G, C, C/D
because I care for you my friend 
I can't read into your mind
what's been going off inside? 

miscommunication always seems to turn around 
those beneficial doubts those smiles into frowns 
how can i remember if I never even knew you
can't pin all on me it's also up to you
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dmitry ivanov