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Mxpx tabs

Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself guitar tab

Here it is!
Song:  Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Life In General
\= slide down
intro:  E\  C#\  D\  A   B

E                     C#
Never quite just knew how to get it through
    D            A            B
the utilitarian, sloganeerian minds
         D                    A            B
and it's time to stand up and redefine the lines

Right Now!!

E  C#  D  A  B

E                   C#
Compartmentalizing, isn't realizing
  D                                           A        B
because it's not affecting change in the real world
   E                      C#
So get on with your life, and get over mine
        D                                         A         B
There's only one world but there's many different tastes

   E                        A
So enjoy, don't employ your state
B             A             B
Common goals, commuicate to contemplate 
    E                  A
the way things are and why
      B                            C# B
don't pawn the status quo problems off--on the other guy

E B C# A B  (repeat)
E B C# B E B A (ring on)
guitar plays this*
while Bass plays:
         A                 B     
You're a celebrity in your own world 
      C#                    E
Catch phrases only catching cobb webs
A                     B
Spiritualized capital gain and wealth
          C#                          C#
isn't the means to the end, isn't the end itself

A  B  C#  Eb

E  Eb  E  Eb  D  C#  D  C#

Manifest individuality
Manifest a sense of reality
because it's non exclusive,
         A            B
don't be so elusively blind
things are never what they seem
    A                      B
you don't know what you'll find
RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

*This is what the guitar plays--tabbed out!

      A      B      C#     E      A      B    C#         C#

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