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Mxpx tabs

Suggestion Box guitar chords

Song:	Suggestion Box 
Group:	MxPx
Album:	17 (vinyl record)
Tab By:	Jamie Hayes

B, F#, G, A

(I don't know the exact order the powerchords go with the lyrics,
so I'll give you the powerchords, and you play them along with the words that follow.)

Guitar: B, F#, G, A
So many unanswered questions
about those who hate so much
Most of which are mislead
most of which are untouched
They resort to violence
to forcefeed their fascist views
All we see is blood stained boots
for no real reason on the news
Is there ever a second thought
that slips on through their mind
That this is sick and wrong
that this is so unkind
No tolerance for ignorance
that's the way it should be
I'll try not to judge you
but I know there's two sides to see

B       D    C#   D  B   D   C#    D   B
There's much more to me, why can't you see
        D   C#       D
There's two sides to see

Bridge type thing:
F#, A, C#, A
F#, A, C#, E
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