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The Struggle guitar chords

The Struggle
The Renaissance EP
(c)2001 Tooth and Nail Records?

E F# | D A | E F# | D A A/G#

Verse Riff:
 { [ F# D A A/G# | F# D E (2x) ] }
Struggles in our hearts and in our heads,
So who do I really serve,
What can we trust, What have we planned,
From my face, your heart, your mind will follow,
Everybody never left it, true it's sometimes hard to swallow..

Chorus Riff:
  { [ F#* C# D E ] (4x) }
We all understand the choices in our hands,
And differences are the choices that we've made,
A            D
As a plastic figurine,
A          D
Swept in a magazine,
A          D        E*
Or on your cable TV screen..

So what exactly is it you believe,
Well maybe you don't know,
Or maybe you wear it on your sleeve,
I've got to ask myself the same,
Gonna throw myself around,
Till i know I've read you down..


E F# | D A | E F# | D A A/G# | E F# | D A | E F# | D E*

CHORUS(Second Half)

End on F#m
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