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Think Twice guitar chords

Here it is!
Song:  Think Twice
Artist:  MxPx (Magnified Plaid)
Album:  Pokinatcha

G#           C#             A            B
It tears me apart in side I know I do it too.
G#              C# 
You can run but you can't hide 
A            B
Deep down it finds you.
G#               C# 
So it seems it's no big deal
A               B
We don't think about it much
G#               C#
A pain created a pain that's real
     A                B
I've got the scars to prove it

A       B 
When we tear each other down,
A             B
what is our intentions?
A           B 
It's always more than just a joke
A                  B
so let's try.....
         E      A  B
To think twice!

      E      A  B
Think twice!
      E      A  B
Think twice!
      E      A  B
Think twice!

A            B
It's true we are a brotherhood
A          B
and we all know it
A      B
bonded by the son of God
A         B
Is how we live......
         E      A  B
So Think Twice!


E, B, E, B
G#, E, C#, G#, E, C#, G#, E, C#, G#, E, C#

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