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Mxpx tabs

Weak guitar chords

Here it is!
Song:  Weak
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha


C, D, G, A, A, C, D, G,
A, C, G, D, A	(repeat)

D, C, A, G, C, A

Verse-Play this:  A, C, D, C, G, A, C, D, C, D
A                         C, D, C, G
Light my path show me the way
A                   C, D, C, D
Filter everything i say
try to forgive, try to forget
why do i do what i regret?

A                          C, D, C, D
My flesh nature won't abide
A                           C, D, C, D
it's ripping me apart inside
A                           C, D, C, D
Jesus pulls me back together
A                               C, D, C, D
my soul will be with him forever

A, C,


can't get away from bitterness
can't seem to lose my selfishness
my faith in father God
Cause i am weak and he is strong

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