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Mxpx tabs

You Found Me guitar chords

"You Found Me"
Artist: MxPx
Album:  On The Cover
Written by: Mike Stand from The Altar Boys
This is a cool song...


B                  D     
Thought that I was- was a goner
A            G       A       B 
Everyone had written my life off
Dreamed about better days
    A                  G       A          B
and hoped that I could make it happen somehow
Someone please -please help me
A         G        A      B   
I'm dying from the inside out
Come to find out God loves me 
A                G     A         
Come to find out I was not alone

B              D           A  G   A     B
You found me - you found me - you found me...

Regeneration, a new sensation
the rebuilding of my broken heart
I've put my faith into action
I've got a clean, a brand new start
The more I seek, the more I find you
It seems the wonders never cease
How can I ever re-pay you
Help me Lord to see just what you say

Empty dreams, hollow schemes
Don't get trapped into the things of this world
you'll find out like I found out
Hey! They just won't fill your life no!
You want life - Real life?
Then let Jesus find you like He found me

Then some sorta interlude...
G  |--7-5-4-5-6-7-

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