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Offspring tabs

Self Esteem guitar tab

Date: Sun, July 20 1997
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: Offspring
Album: SMASH
Released: 1994 epitaph records
Track: 8 
Title: self esteem

x - scratch

intro / main riff


fill in 









i wrote her off for the tenth time today
and practiced all the things i would say
but she came over
i lost my nerve
i took her back and made her dessert
now i know i'm being used
that's okay man 'cause i like the abuse
i know she's playing with me 
that's okay 'cause i got no self esteem
we make plans to go out at night
i wait till 2 then i turn out the light
all this rejection's got me so low
if she keeps it up i just might tell her so
when she's saying that she wants only me
then i wonder why she sleeps with my friends
when she's saying that i'm like a disease
then i wonder how much more i can spend
well i guess i should stick up for myself
but i really think its better this way
the more you suffer 
the more it shows you really care - right?
now i'll relate this little bit
that happens more then i'd like to admit
late at night she knocks on my door
she's drunk again and lookin' to score
now i know, i should say no
but it's kinda hard when she's ready to go
i may be dumb but i'm not a dweeb 
i'm just a sucker with no self esteem
  development and support by
dmitry ivanov