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Queen guitar tabs, bass tabs and chords

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bass tablature
39tab  btab
A Kind Of Magic   btab
Another One Bites The Dust   btab
Back Chattab   
Bicycle Racetab  btab
Bohemian Rhapsodytabcrd btab
Breakthrutab  btab
Brighton Rocktab   
Bring Back That Leroy Browntabcrd  
Coming Soontab   
Crazy Little Thing Called Lovetab  btab
Dead On Timetab   
Dear Friendstab   
Death On Two Legstab   
Doing All Righttab   
Don't Stop Me Nowtabcrd  
Don't Try Suicidetab   
Dragon Attacktab   
Dreamers Balltab   
Driven By Youtab   
Fat Bottomed Girlstab   
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Fight From The Insidetab   
Flash   btab
Flash To The Resque crd  
Friends Will Be Friendstab   
Fun Ittab   
God Save The Queentab   
Good Companytab   
Great King Rattab   
Hammer To Falltab   
Heaven For Everyonetab   
I Want It Alltab   
I Want To Break Free   btab
If You Can'T Beat Themtab   
I'm In Love With My Cartab   
In Only Seven Daystab   
In The Lap Of The Gods Revisitedtab   
Is This The World We Createdtab   
It's A Hard Lifetab   
It's Latetab   
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Jealousy   btab
Keep Yourself Alivetab   
Killer Queentab   
Lazing On The Sunday Afternoontab   
Leaving Home Ain't Easytabcrd  
Let Me Entertain' Youtab   
Let Me Livetab   
Lily Of The Valley crd  
Long Away crd btab
Lost Opportunitytab   
Love Of My Lifetab   
Love Of My Life 12tab   
Modern Times Rock N Rolltab   
More Of That Jazztab   
Mother Lovetab   
My Baby Does Metab   
My Melancholy Bluestab   
Need Your Loving Tonighttab   
Nothin' But Bluetab   
Now I'm Heretab   
Ogre Battletab   
One Visiontab  btab
Play The Gametab  btab
Rain Must Falltab   
Rock Ittabcrd  
Sail Away Sweet Sistertab  btab
Save Metab   
Seaside Rendezvoustab   
Seven Seas Of Rhyetab   
She Makes Metabcrd  
Shine On You Crazy Diamondtab   
Sleeping On The Sidewalktab  btab
Somebody To Lovetab   
Son And Daughtertab  btab
Spread Your Wingstab   
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Stealin   btab
Stone Cold Crazytabcrd  
Sweet Ladytab   
Tenement Funstertab   
Teo Torriatte Let Us Cling Togethertab   
The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroketab   
The Great Pretender crd  
The Invisible Mantab   
The March Of The Black Queentab   
The Millionaire Waltztab   
The Miracletab   
The Night Comes Downtabcrd  
The Prophets Songtab   
The Show Must Go Ontabcrd  
These Are The Days Of Our Livestabcrd  
Tie Your Mother Down crd  
Tie Your Mother Down Live Killerstab   
Was It All Worth Ittab   
We Are The Championstabcrd btab
We Will Rock Youtab   
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White Queentab   
Who Needs Youtab   
Who Wants To Live Forevertab   
You And Itab   

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