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Radiohead tabs

Go To Sleep
Hail to the Thief
By Notsosanen
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Standard Tuning

G          3x0033
Bb6        6x0066
A/Bb6      5x0066
Csus2      8x0088
B/Csus2    7x0088
Ebadd9     x6x066
Fsus2	  x8x088
Bb	  x1333
Bb2	  x88766
F	  x33211
C	  x32010

In the beginning play the first fret of the low E and slide into the verse

Intro (Acoustic Guitar)


Verse 1 (Acoustic Guitar)

Verse 1 (Electric Guitar)

Verse 1 Progression:
G 	     Bb6 A/Bb6  Csus2  B/Csus2
Something  for     the    rag      and

 G              Bb6  A/Bb6  Csus2  B/Csus2
bone man

G                   Bb6  A/Bb6 Csus2 B/Csus2
Over my dead body

Something big is gonna happen
Over my dead body

Drums come in

G	   Ebadd9  Bb6  Fsus2  Csus2

Someone’s son or someone’s daughter
Over my dead body

This is how I end up getting sucked in
Over my dead body

Chorus (Acoustic and Electric Guitar (Tremelo effect I believe)

Bb2	     Fsus2
I’m gonna go to sleep

Bb2	     Fsus2
Let this wash over me

Verse 2 (Acoustic and Electric Guitar

G   F  Bb  F   C

F     G        F    Bb       F     C     F   G
Don’t want the monster taking over

F    Bb    F   C  F   G    F   Bb  F   C
Tiptoe round tie him down


Verse 2 Progression

Electric guitar:

Then Johnny messes around with weird noises using a samplehold effect that takes a short sample and loops it several times.  It sounds like the guitar track is skipping like a cd.  You can find this effect in many multi-effects processors and there’s probably a pedal for it but I haven’t heard of one.  Just mess around and attack the guitar strings with a pick and use the samplehold effect if you have it.
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