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Radiohead tabs


this is probably the poorest tab ever made but i hope its something to
work with                                                             
h=hammer on                                                           
p=pull off                                                            
*=let ring                                                            
during the intro this fits in pretty good                             
e -5/-7/--2*-1/-3-2---                                                
chords:  F G D C#(or maybe F instead) D# D                            
this is kinda of what i mean                                          
	     F    G     D     F    D#     D                                  
or this way                                                           
             F    G     D    F   D#    D                              
i think the second guitar is playing along using the G Major scale... 
NOTE: this is not how to play it! this is just the scale.. listen to  
the song and use this..                                               
there is one chord that (jonny?) plays with just a slow upstroke im   
not sure which one                                                    
but i think its some sort of F chord..                                
im sure i got lots of things really wrong but i hope i at least helped
you guys out..                                                        


RADIOHEAD - Optimistic

Ezequiel Claverie

Ok, as there isn't any good quality recording of this song so I wasn't able to tab it perfectly. Anyway, here you have some chord so you can play and sing... enjoy!!


 F     x00565
 G     320033
 D     xx0232
 A#    x13331
 C     x32010
 Dm    xx0231
 Dsus2 xx0230
 Dsus4 xx0233


 F-G-D  A#-C-D --> 2 times

 Dm Dsus2 Dsus4 D --> 2 times

Dm                       Dsus2
Flies are buzzing around my head
Dsus4             D
Vultures circling my bed
A#         C          D
Picking up every last crumb
Dm                       Dsus2
The big fish eat the little ones
Dm                       Dsus2
The big fish eat the little ones
A#         C          D
Not my problem give me some

You can try the best you can
       G                G
If you try the best you can
    A#             C     D
The best you can is good enough

Then theres a little lick that goes like this...

G---------3-2----0-3-2----------------- It goes over and over during
D----------------------0--------------- the Dm Dsus2... chords on
A-------------------------------------- the verse.

During the chorus theres some kind of scale playing that i won't bother to tab, it's fairly easy.

This was all i could do... this is just a simple version so you can play and sing with your acoustic guitar...

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