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Radiohead tabs

RADIOHEAD-   The National Anthem   (Kid A)

tab by Joey Gallagher    (

Alright this isn't an in depth tab, the only thing that you can really play 
off this song is the main riff and Jonny's martenot part.

To play the main bass riff of the song you need to drop the top E string 
down to a D.

Hear it is

D---4--0--0-0---4--0--0--0-0----3--0--0--0---2--0--0--0-0  (repeat)

Hear is Jonny's martenot riff that he plays on the intro and after the 1st 
and 2nd verses and throughout the end of the song.
I tabbed it out for guitar but it sounds better played on a keyboard with a 
weird effect. So next to the numbers on the fret I will include the note if 
you want to play it on a keyboard.

Martenot part


When playing this on guitar try a tremolo slide thing like on Airbag.

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