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Rancid tabs


|Note: This is an unfinished draft version. Please   |
|      check back for updates. I appreciate any help |
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C BbBb FF GG (x3)

C   Bb F (x4) [palm muted]

  OK, check this out!

VERSE (palm muted):

C                     Bb       F
 It ain't impossible, it ain't easy
C              Bb       F
 Opportunities shifting here
C                 Bb       F
 So far the strategy ain't working 
     C                      Bb   F
 The facts are in - it's so very clear

C                 Bb          F
 I do what I want, I can't predict the future
C                    Bb                 F
 And those who can I know that they are lying
C                          Bb       F
 And then the truth can be hard to swallow
      C                Bb            F
 In a soap opera world leaders are crying


F   F          Bb        C
 Correction, I need no direction
F           F       Bb       C
 Oh, let me go just one last time
F           F          Bb              C
 I spent my whole life searching for direction
C          BbBb     F F      G G  
 Oh, let me go just one last time

VERSE (palm muted):

C                           Bb                 F
 Ah, you can burn a book if you don't like the answers
C                       Bb       F
 Or join forces with an axe to grind
C           Bb           F
 Ah, USA protecting your cancers
   C                Bb      F
 A list of hatred - easy to find
                C                 Bb     F
 Well there's a growing sentiment  in America
C                              Bb           F
 If you listen closely you can hear them all
          C                    Bb        F
 Right is right, wrong is wrong  and the evil
C                 Bb     F
 Considered bad behaviour

CHORUS: Correction, I need no direction...

C  Bb F [x4] (palm muted)

F  G

C  Bb F [x4]

Bad generation, polarized view
No one leaves home to go and help you
Watch CNN and then you know
US bombs come down, what you gonna do
Boom, boom, boom,  look around
There's no more roof, no more house, no street, no town
Shot down, burned black and brown
Electrical meltdown, you hear the sound
Of the US bombs all around
Ah, it's a shakedown, it's a breakdown
Atomic sundown - and then you know!

Correction, I need no direction...

Correction, I need no direction...

One last time!

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|Corrections by Andreas Idebrant                    |
|The Complete Rancid Guitar Tab Compilation         |
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