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Rancid tabs

Meteor of War by Rancid
Tabbed by Jason

This is a great song on the new CD, very easy and fun to play.
Although I'm not positive it's accurate (especially the intro riff)
but it pretty much sounds right when I play it along with the CD.

Standard tuning, all chords are power chords.

Intro riff
|-------------------------------|play x2
/ - slide

C                                                   FFFF
john brown set the tone he was a meteor in a guilty land
C                                                 FFFF  
abolitionist understand freedom to the despondent man 
C                                                      FFFF
grant said you're either one, a patriot or a traitor's son
       C                G      F                C
it's a sanguinary conclusion a sanguinary conclusion 
E                B     C   E
sanguinary conclusion..yeah 
A                        F
john brown, (john brown) john brown, 
             C                        G
(john brown) john brown, (john brown) yeah... 

The C chords in the verse are palm muted steady sixteenth notes.
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